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From CMOS research to full product at 60GHz

Dr. Carl De Ranter, Vice President of Engineering at Pharrowtech

As evidenced by a growing amount of 1 Gbps internet offerings, the quest for ever higher speeds for fixed network connections continues in parallel with the increased data rates available on 4&5G cellular networks. The capability of an operator to offer a stable, affordable and ubiquitous 1 Gbps internet connection is now no longer considered the holy grail but the next step needed to stay competitive. Early deep-fiber roll-outs show that high customer interest and retention are not enough to build a viable business with nation-wide availability, even when wireline technology is used for the final curb to home connection. By introducing wireless CMOS mmWave technology in the network a more favorable split between up-front and at-signup installation cost is achieved and a much wider range of neighborhoods can be serviced. The story of Pharrowtech is about bringing a new technology to market starting from a solid research foundation while at the same time building a new company from the ground up.