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Programme 2024

Below you can find the detailed program for the ProRISC & SAFE conference of 2024. Details on the locations will be updated on this website closer to the conference.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Johan Klootwijk, Architect at Philips MEMS and Micro Devices (MMD)

Back to the Future?

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Dr. Marcelo Ackermann, Full Professor – Chair of the XUV optics group at University of Twente

The incredible physics of ASML’s EUV scanner

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Dr. Carl De Ranter, Vice President of Engineering at Pharrowtech

From CMOS research to full product at 60GHz

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Dr. Angelo Accardo, Associate Professor

3D in-vitro mechanobiology and disease treatment models

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Contact us

The organization committee of ProRISC & SAFE 2024 is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Click the link below to go to the page containing info on whom to contact.